Friday, February 6, 2009

AHS Reunion: Dallas, July 31-Aug 2, 2009

Information from Becky Maddox (Class of '94) on the upcoming Dallas reunion:

Dana Hamilton (Tkacs) and I met this past weekend to look at hotels and packages to plan for our REUNION!!
The reunion is in Dallas, TX and dates of the reunion will be the weekend of July 31-Aug 2, 2009!!
We are planning to have a dinner with everyone on Saturday night at the hotel for everyone to have a chance to mingle, etc. Nothing fancy, just some good Texas food and time to "chillax".
An estimated price per person for all costs while in Dallas (including taxes and tips but not including airfare) will be around $500 per person. This would be for 2 nights hotel (friday and saturday nights), ticket price for saturday dinner, all other meals while there(your choice of where to eat but we estimated money for it), transportation, etc.
We are still negotiating pricing and details but wanted to try and get an idea of how many people are planing on coming. We would need to know your response in these choices......Yes, it's a definite.....I'm still a maybe.....or NO I will not attend. We also need to know if you'd be getting a room on your own or if you may plan to get a room and split it with someone else. The more rooms that are booked the cheaper the price but we realize some people may want to share a room with friends to save money and that's fine. Just let me know if you are sharing who you plan to share with so I won't count that room more than once.
I will be sending out very detailed information as it becomes available but in order to reserve a block of rooms I need to know how many people are for sure coming. Please start checking on air prices now (flying into DFW) to help you to determine if you will be able to come. Again, the sooner I can know the better. There will be a deadline to reserve a spot but that isn't nailed down yet.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008


For those who don't know me, my name is Bill Clifton, and I attended Alconbury High School, UK, 1992-94, graduating in '94. My two years at Alconbury included some of the best times of my life and (with the help of the internet) many lasting friendships.

Recently, as I sorted through my long-neglected personal papers and collected tidbits, I uncovered a wealth of items from my Alconbury days. I intend to use this blog as a digital archive to share these items with Alconbury alumni and others who may be interested. Actually, Alconbury HS was the third DoDDS-UK school I attended, and for the shortest duration. I began my education at Woodbridge Elementary School, UK, 1981-85, moving to Albuquerque and returning to Woodbridge HS 1989-1992. However, since I have a far greater collection of material culture from Alconbury, I have made Alconbury the focus in this blog.

I want this blog to be a collaborative venture. If any readers have any Alconbury news or stories you would like to share, please email me. If photos or paraphernalia, send me a jpeg.

Unfortunately, I am in the brutal final stages of finishing grad school + finding a job, so I doubt I will begin this project until August.